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Based in Cornwall I help Liskeard based businesses with Web Design , Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing services.

Why Do You Need A Website In Liskeard?

A website is a great way to promote your business locally or nationally. It can be used for many different purposes including:

– To provide information about you and the products/services that you offer

– To sell goods online

– To allow customers to make bookings on line

– To advertise special offers etc…

If you are looking at starting up a new business then it’s important to have an effective web presence as this will give potential clients access to all of the above features. If you already run a successful business but want to expand into other areas such as selling over the internet then having a good website could really increase sales.

What Is The Best Way Of Getting Traffic To My Site in Liskeard?

The best method of getting traffic to your site depends upon what type of service you’re offering. For example if you’re providing local services like gardening or painting then people may use search engines to find out where they need to go. This means that Google is likely to rank websites higher than others when someone searches for “gardening” or “painting”. However if you’re trying to get more visitors from outside of the area then there are several ways which might work better for you. These include using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By sharing links to your own pages these sites will send lots of traffic directly to them. 


Superfast Loading Speed

A website that is fast to load is much easier to navigate and therefore increases conversions. We ensure our websites load quickly by ensuring we only use high quality images and CSS files. Our design team also ensures that any JavaScript code is kept to a minimum so that page loading times remain speedy.

Responsive Layout

I build responsive layouts meaning that the layout adjusts itself depending on how big or small the screen size is. This allows us to create one set of HTML codes that works across multiple devices without needing separate versions of each webpage.

Search Engine Friendly Content

Our content writers write copy that is easy to read and understand. They take care not to overload keywords within their text making sure that the main message comes through clearly. In addition we don’t just rely on keyword stuffing – we look at every word carefully before adding it to the final version.

Mobile Ready Websites

As mobile usage continues to grow we’ve made sure that our websites are fully optimised for viewing on smartphones and tablets. As well as being able to view the full website on smaller screens I’ve included touch friendly navigation buttons allowing users to easily scroll around the site.

Social Sharing Buttons

To encourage user interaction we’ve added shareable icons to most sections of our websites. When clicked these icons link back to popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

What Other Services Do I Offer In Liskeard?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for search engine optimization’ and involves improving the ranking of a web page in search results. It’s important because this can mean an increased number of visits to your website.

Website Hosting & Domain Registration

If you have a domain name registered with us we’ll host it for free. You won’t be charged anything extra for hosting either.

Domain Name Management

You can manage your domains yourself or let me do it for you. Either way I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you offer email marketing campaigns? Then why not try ours! We provide affordable packages designed specifically for businesses looking to promote themselves online.

Why Choose Digital Burst Media?

As a Web Design expert in Liskeard, I believe that great customer service should always come first. That’s why I aim to give customers exactly what they ask for. Whether its a new logo, a simple brochure or even a complete e-commerce solution we know that no two projects are ever alike. So whatever you require we guarantee that I’ll deliver something unique and special.

Contact Me Today

For further information about our range of products and services please contact me today. Alternatively feel free to browse my portfolio section to see some examples of previous clients who have used our services.

Recent Projects:

Check out my recent projects below to see what kind of websites I create for businesses in Liskeard.




If you are a Liskeard or Cornwall based business then please get in touch and we can work together to get more sales to your business.

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