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I build websites for small businesses and individuals in and around Newquay, Cornwall. I have a passion for web design, SEO and social media marketing. My aim is to provide you with the best website possible at an affordable price!


I can help your business grow online through our range of services including logo designs, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, e-commerce sites, print ads, corporate identity packages, stationery, packaging & more. We also offer digital solutions such as responsive websites, mobile apps, email newsletters, video production and much more. Our clients include local companies, national brands and international organisations.


I am based in Threemilestone, Truro but we work across Cornwall so if you need us anywhere else please get in touch.


If you would like to find out how we could help your business or organisation then contact me today on 07553339031 or via my Contact page.

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Web Design Newquay

Website Design Services

A new look for your company? A fresh start for your brand? Or maybe just something that makes it easier for customers to navigate your site? Whatever your reason may be, let’s talk about what you want from your next website project. 

We will discuss all aspects of your requirements – whether they are simple changes to existing pages or completely reworking your entire site. You’ll receive clear advice on which direction to take and when to make any decisions yourself.

Responsive Websites

A Responsive Website allows users to view your content no matter what device they’re using. This means your visitors don’t have to scroll horizontally or vertically to see everything on your site. It also ensures that your site looks great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Other services

SEO in Newquay

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation The process involves optimising your website so search engines know exactly where to place your site within their results. If people use keywords related to your products/services this helps them find you easily.

Email Newsletters

An Email Newsletter gives you the opportunity to send regular updates to your subscribers. These can contain anything from product announcements to special offers and discounts. Your newsletter should always be relevant, interesting and useful. And most importantly, it needs to be sent regularly. The frequency depends entirely upon your target audience. Some people might only read them once every few months while others check them daily.

Social Media Marketing

The internet is full of opportunities for anyone who knows where to look. Social networks are a fantastic way to reach potential customers directly. By posting links to your products and services on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, you can increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

Video Production

Your web presence isn’t complete without videos! Videos allow you to tell stories with images and sound. Whether you’re promoting an event, selling a service or simply showing off your latest creation, videos are a powerful tool for marketing your business.

Include social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons allow people to share content from your website directly onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Foursquare, and many others. These buttons also help drive traffic to your website because whenever anyone shares something using one of those platforms, they often link back to your website.

Why is a website so important?

Your website acts as your virtual shopfront. If someone wants to buy something from you, they’ll usually first visit your website. They’ll browse around looking at different items until they find one they like. Then they’ll add it to their basket before going onto checkout. Once there, they’ll enter some payment details and complete the transaction.

So why not give your prospective buyers exactly what they want – a beautiful, easy-to-use shopping experience

Types of website

There are many types of websites available but here are three main categories:

Static Sites

These sites consist mainly of text and static media such as photos and video. There aren’t any interactive elements and navigation between pages requires clicking through each link in turn. Static sites tend to work best if you know very little about coding because this type of design doesn’t require much maintenance. However, they do offer more flexibility than fully customised designs.


 Dynamic Sites

This type of website uses PHP to create dynamic features. For example, these could include things like chat rooms, forums, blogs etc. Dynamic sites need constant attention and updating to keep working properly. But they often come with lots of extra functionality and benefits over traditional static sites.


Ecommerce Sites

If you sell goods online then you probably already understand how eCommerce works. An Ecommerce Site will enable you to display all your products and let shoppers purchase them easily via credit card payments. You may even choose to accept direct bank transfers too.

How does my new website benefit me?

You’ll get a professional website designed by myself. I’ll make sure it’s built correctly and optimised for search engines. It will also have plenty of space for content including articles, blog posts, galleries and social networking profiles. All that means visitors will stay longer and spend more time browsing your site. This helps build trust and authority which leads to higher conversion rates.

You’ll receive ongoing support and advice throughout the process. I will help you set up everything you need to run your business smoothly. Plus I’ll provide training materials to ensure you learn how to use your new website effectively.

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